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Vision, Mission & Goal


                                                                                                      OUR VISION

Inclusive society where disadvantaged and vulnerable groups are empowered to build capacity of socially discriminated groups to realize their rights and fulfill their responsibilities to live in harmony with dignity and freedom to represent themselves.

                                                                                                      OUR MISSION

To empower the socially excluded children and marginalized community with socio-economic potential, inclusive education with focus on children and women, for independent and self-reliance through promotion of a conducive environment of livelihood and life with dignity.


To build the capacities of discriminated groups to raise their voices and represent themselves in activities to combat Factors leading to exclusion, socio-economic discrimination and inequalities.

Guiding Principle:

  • To promote an egalitarian society for the less privileged – self-reliance and access to their rights and entitlements.
  • To   increase participation of marginalized communities through various enabling strategies and programs such as knowledge building, community capacity building, participation and partnerships and networking.
  • To ensure Self Governance and Self-reliance among the weaker and oppressed section of the society
  • Advocacy, Transparency and accountability to stakeholders.
  • To Work in partnership with coordinated approach with local stakeholders, Community, Government, NGOs and other thematic organisation.
  • To Support, Strengthen and replicate local government and community structures and mechanism for sustenance and replication of development models.
  • To work with all sections of society for fostering inclusive and overall development.
  • Community managed sustainable development and impact-oriented of community Inclusive development.


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