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1. National Nutrition Month Campaign, 2022 Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti's partnership with Poshan Sector and its contribution to creating nutritional equality among mothers and children for a brighter, healthier future Evidence of Appreciation by UNICEF INDIA and Vitamin Angels India Awarded with letter. I would like to thank UNICEF India and Vitamin Angels India Click Here

2. Accreditations to the Organization: •Accreditation by Credibility Alliance, for Adheres to the DESIRABLE NORMS Prescribed for good governance of Voluntary Organizations. Certificate Registration No: CA/19/2021, Valid From24 March 2027 Click Here

3. Vitamin Angels is proud to Partner with “DALIT VIKAS ABHIYAN SAMITI” Bihar in reaching more than 6,000 under-five children with vitamin A and deworming in the year 2023. Vitamin Angels has Trained and Monitored This Team Click Here

4. On the Occasion or 16th Social Work Day " CORANA WARRIOR HONOUR was honored by the Social Youth Forum by Municipal Councilor Smt. Mala Sinha by giving a certificate of appreciation Click Here

5. Global Health Strategies. And Agragami India was jointly honored for the excellent work done towards making them champions by connecting them with Health Family Welfare Planning Services. Click Here

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