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Say yes to building the lives of adolescent girls and children and making their futures bright

Equitable and Inclusive Education: Education is the greatest means to achieve social justice and equality in learning for all marginalized and destitute homeless children. Inclusive and equitable education – a necessary goal in itself – is also critical to achieving an inclusive and equitable society. While the Indian education system and government policies have made steady progress towards closing inequality and social class gaps at all levels of school education, significant inequalities remain – especially at the pre-primary level. Child Protection In India we are programmatic interventions to provide an inclusive and equitable environment in which every child flourishes and no child loses any opportunity to learn. No child falls into child trafficking or child marriage, and Don't be excluded from

1. We promote girls' education;-help girls pursue education and complete higher secondary education through community education.

2. Enable children to be ready for primary schools: AWCs build the mental strength of children through better-equipped and empowered nurturing centers for underprivileged children.

3. Help in creating a strong foundation for pre-primary and primary education of destitute and homeless children.

4. Destitute and urban homeless women. And to get rid of hunger, make a strong foundation for connecting adolescent girls with livelihood.

Your small support will give new energy and strength to our work. Every minute donated by you or your remains helps marginalized communities, the homeless (for inclusive education, food and nutrition, gender equality, inclusive development, livelihood connectivity) and marginalized adolescent girls and millions of children across Bihar go. Will help bring a change in their lives, which can bring back the smile on their faces.

Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti (DVAS) will always be grateful for your contribution. Your cooperation and guidance is expected.

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