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Message from the Director

India's multi-layered pluralistic society requires a strong, discrimination-free society based on the values of mutual respect, cooperation and co-existence, enshrining the virtues of freedom and equality. Undoubtedly, over the years, the most marginalized communities in the country, the Scheduled While there have been consistent efforts from all corners of the society towards the upliftment of castes and scheduled tribes, women and children, our society is far from reaching the goal of equality and equity. Respect for all and inclusive education, gender equality, health and nutrition, have been leading the way in ensuring the right to sustainable livelihood and opportunities for expression. Despite significant growth in other characteristics, the educational, employment and wealth capabilities among the socially deprived groups of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe population have remained the same. Inequalities increase. This inspires all of us to work together in a planned manner.

Dalit Vikas Abhiyaan Samiti (DVAS) has maintained its developmental momentum towards increased participation of these marginalized communities so as to promote organic and inorganic development of an individual and community and for the development of core competencies. Through this medium internal abilities can be developed. Skills and managerial abilities.

I would like to thank all of you for providing the opportunity to the members of the Governing Board, General Body for their strategic input, inspiration and support in realizing our mission. I would also like to thank our thematic partners and our donors, without whose support our further journey would not be complete. Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of my colleagues at DVAS, without whose constant support and cooperation this achievement would not have been possible.

Thank you,

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