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24th March 2023

Ambedkar Gram Samiti successfully advocates installation of 1st Hand Pump in their Tola:

Ambedkar Gram Samiti successfully advocates installation of 1st Hand Pump in their Tola: Today my family has access to safe drinking water and I do not have to request other for drinking water. It is my right says a confident and proud Neelu Devi, secrectary of Ambedkar Gram Samiti Baghi Tatma of Baghi Panchayat in Tajpur blocks. The hamlet is dominated by Mahadalit population who are marginalized and mostly BPL families. The tola exhibits all indicators of underdevelopment as lack of access to safe drinking water no contact roads between the tola and rest of the panchayat , subsistence agriculture etc. The families of the tola were forced to collect water from irrigation wells and farm pond. The winds of change began when DVAS started it work in the tola and soon successfully formed Ambedkar Gram Samiti.

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I am free and not less than anyone:

A story of Smt. Sangita, A women from Baghi Panchayt in Tajpur Block, she used to live with her mother in law and brother in law. Her husband used to live out of state for work. She was married at very early age which and had 3 childrens, she was very weak and was not able to do any work properly. She was not allowed to meet anyone and go out as well, got tortured by her family members. Due to her bad physical condition, people used to consider her un pious and says she is a ghost and nobody should talk to her. She used to face a lot of problems due absence of her husband in the house and sometimes she used to sleep Hungary. After the intervention of Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti, during the formation of CBO, Sangita Devi also wanted to join the group but all the women got against her and start leaving the meeting as they said she don’t have good character, she is not lucky, she have bad soul. When animator of DVAS came to know about the situation, they tried to convince the family members as well as community. After a lot of effort by animator, people got convinced and accepted Sangita Devi as a member of Ambedkar Gram Samiti(CBO), she was even made the leader of CBO. She said that there are a lot of women who face these type of situation in their life, I want to work for those women and remove domestic violence and superstitions from the society. Right now she is very happy and very active member of CBO, and she is also working as a surveyor for the organization and her family member is also supportive now.

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31 December 2022

Malnourished free; Total growth of children increases in one year

We are happy to see the cognitive and physical growth of Durga says a beaming Jitendra Ram father of Durga Kumari. Durga is one of the six children in the family and her father works as a migrant labourer. The family livelihood options are limited and insufficient to have sufficient food security for the year and as a result her mother is also anaemic. In the beginning her mother was not in favour of sending her to the village centre. After several rounds of discussion with Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti team and volunteers she finally agreed to send the child to village centre. Soon Durga started picking up the early childhood education with understanding and comprehending concepts of mathematics, number system, simple addition and subtraction. Her health aspects also reflected growth and wellbeing and she gained 5 kg weight and 5 cm in height during the process. Durga has the dreams to become a police officer in her career. Durga growth and development is now motivating the community to provide equal treatment to girl child in terms of education and nutrition. Total Growth in a year is as follows; Starting Weight-15, Assessment Weight-20 ,Starting Centimeter -113, Assessment Centimetre-121 Total Weight Gain-5 and Total Growth in Centimetres-8

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November 2022

Freedom from money lenders

Bibha Devi, a women belongs to Rampur maheshpur panchayat, and her block is Tajpur. She is an active member of Ambedkar gram Samiti. She belongs to very poor family and her husband is a daily wage worker, she have three childrens 2 Boys and 1 Girl. One in an emergency situation she needed money, she asked to everyone but didn’t get any help. Later she went to money lender and asked for money on interest they said we will provide you money after 4 days and for that you have to give us some gold jewellery till you don’t return money to us. She felt so helpless because she didn’t had any jewellery at that time, she was so tensed and really didn’t understand what to, then one of the member of Ambedkar Gram Samiti reminded her, we have money in account of our group and suggested her to take money from that account. All the members of Ambedkar Gram Samiti organized together and gave the amount of money she required, later she deposited all the borrowed money to the group and saved herself from the high rate of interest of money lenders. This idea helped her women like Bibha Devi and now many other women also take help from this group in case of need of money and not get trapped by money lenders.

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Happiness returned to the lives of children; entry into primary education after being free of malnutrition

Anuradha Kumari, daughter of Santosh Ram and Sanju Devi of Morwa village, Samastipur, Bihar, has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Confident, prefers to go to the nutrition center. The family comes from poverty-stricken families and his mother is a Divyang (PWD). Santosh eke out a living as a daily wage labourer which was insufficient for year-round food security for the family and the family often took loans from local community moneylenders. Deprived of the expected basic facilities of the district, Morwa is the last line hamlet of the society, where there is neither primary education nor pre-primary education apart from the basic facilities of the government. With the help of Jiv Daya Foundation, in January 2022, Nutrition-cum-Jagjagi Education Centre was started in this colony. Anuradha used to fall ill continuously due to not getting proper food. Anuradha was initially identified as a malnourished child. Anuradha started coming to the nutrition center as the parents were of the opinion that the child would get regular milk support. Anuradha regularly visited the center where she was given milk, biscuits and vitamin supplements. Anuradha has now increased her weight by 5 kgs i.e. from 10 kgs initially she joined the milk project and currently her weight is 15 kgs and height is also increasing. Within a year of the milk project, there has been a lot of positive change in Anuradha's lifestyle. Has experienced very positive weight gain, actively participates in the Center for Mental Wellness and Safe Eating, has become assertive and feels free to talk with her peers and family members. Very interested in dance and sports which is worth watching, all children follow her, she has started speaking and practicing alphabets, besides many other girls Aanchal Kumari, Aastha Kumari, Sandhya Kumari, Swati Kumari and Ruchi Kumari have also seen a lot of growth - positive development. The special thing is that there has been a positive development of growth in girls as compared to boys in the center. The parents of the child are very happy to see the health and educational development of the children.

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December 2022

Further progress in education free from malnutrition

I now feel stronger remarks Rupani Kumari’ a 4 years old girl from Chakshaym nagar village of Tajpur block of Samastipur in Bihar. The majority of SC families depend on farm and nonfarm activities to earn their wages and the livelihood options are few and vulnerable to climatic condition and also impacted by CoVID19 situation. Mr Rajkaran Manjhi and Meena Devi daily waged labourer by profession did not get regular work and thereby the family was facing food crisis and had to depend on the local moneylenders for debt to meet their food requirements and this had adversely impacted health of all eight family members including Roopam Kumari along with other siblings. When DVAS started nutrition and education program in the village Roopam along with two other siblings was enrolled with the centre. Roopam regularly attended the Nutrition and Education centre of DVAS where she was regularly provided with biscuit and milk. When Roopam Joined the centre her weight was recorded 14 kg and was in the category of stunted growth children based on the development index. In a short span of time the growth process of the child picked up and she gained on 4 kg in terms of weight and 9 inches of height. With adequate nutrition her locomotors muscles and bone became stronger and her performance in sports and games also improved as an outcome of the activities. She also developed mental and physical resilience to put aside the challenges and is making remarkable progress in her educational levels and health status. Today 105 such children are enrolled in the Health and nutrition center's of DVAS and the children are improving in terms of their learning levels and happy.

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24 July 2022

From urban homeless home babysitter to role model, self-effort only makes one stronger

Mrs.Savita Devi W/O Shankar Saw Age- 50 years, living in Maila Tanki, Rajendra Nagar ( ward no- 42). She has three sons and four daughters, two elder sons and three daughters have been got married. A younger daughter and son has been doing study in government school. Her husband is suffering from paralysis. He has been not able to even wake up from the bed. She was suffering from very bad situation. Somewhere she is working as domestic worker but that was not enough to fulfill the daily need of their family. While she expected from her children to continue the study. After the intervention of Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti(DVAS) in the Maila Tanki slum, she was attended so many meetings of Slum Vikas Samti as a member after some times she got the post of President of Slum Vikas Samiti. Sometimes later she got suggestion from the animator to do some small business in the slum for generate extra income. After that she is doing boiled egg and omelette shop in the slum in evening time. Simultaneously, she has been aware about their rights due to regular participating in the meeting. Earlier her husband has been harassed more and more physically as well as mentally, but now she is fighting for their rights with her husband, now a day her husband is supporting in their business. Now, she has getting satisfactory income. Now she is performing a duel role in the slum, she is president of Slum Vikas Samiti and a catalyst for women of Maila Tanki Ward No- 42.

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10 December 2022

Children get rid of the side effects of not getting regular vaccines we are trying to create awareness so that such incidents do not happen to others.

Children get rid of the side effects of not getting regular vaccines We are trying to create awareness so that such incidents do not happen to others. Rekha Devi W/O- Raju Ram, Age- 39 years living in Hanuman Nagar, K- Sector slum with her three sons and a daughter. Her elder son is married, He is living separately with his family, second son is physically handicapped and younger son and a younger daughter is studying in the government primary school near by the slum. Her husband is daily wages labour, he is addicted of alcohol and other narcotics habits, He expenses their maximum income in their addiction. The family survival condition is very poor. Rekha devi is fighting with her husband everyday because she is facing her children need every day. Day by day her condition is going poor. After intervention of Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti (DVAS) has been formed Slum Vikas Samiti a community level CBO in Hanuman Nagar, K- Sector, she is joined as a member of Slum Vikas Samiti, she attended the meeting in regular basis, while her husband was not interested. Suddenly her younger daughter was seek she has no option to go to the treatment in a private, she was taking her daughter to government hospital, there were no doctor she has been wanted to better treatment for her daughter but she felt no way, she mobilised all the member of Slum Vikas Samiti in the hospital, she was fighting for the treatment, then treatment was start immediate, this event was inspired to her then she was doing regular visit to the PHC and supervise the facility of the government hospital as well as immunization. She is creating awareness in the slum about the immunization of pregnant lady and children in proper way in the PHC, she also mobilize the slum community in the PHC. Now a day she is getting a good recognition in the slum and his husband is also supporting in a good way. her younger daughter and younger son have been attending school regularly, She is happy and very satisfied of her life

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Inclusive city changed Sudha's life Today, as a mentor

Ms. Sudha Devi ,Husband - Sri Raju Sahni 42 yrs. Malahi Pakri, Kankarbagh Patna Shri Mati Sudha Devi husband Raju Sahni has 6 children, worked as a household babysitter in many homes to raise children, but was fed up with inhuman behavior in the midst of work. Homeless to Sudha Devi she was bound to lead a difficult life as she was not getting any benefit from the regime. Their children were not going to school. They are the main reason for being deprived of basic facilities like water, sanitation, and they do not have any kind of ID proof and due to this, schemes, local address is necessary to get benefits which is seen as another problem complication for these poor people. Under the inclusive city, the DVAS had decided to link Sudha's family with the government and took the initiative to insist on them from the Slum Development Committee. At first, he ran away from the organization and later he talked about his dignity and he started to participate in the regular meeting and united the people and started talking to the officer about the issues of development of Beghro and this led to his self-esteem. Awakened and kept moving forward. Malahi Pakri is working as a support in the Rain Basera today after voicing the demand for housing for the homeless. Now, they are living in shelter homes with their entire family. All their children are enrolled in primary school and receiving education. Sudha and her husband are earning together, as well as another slum is helping to make ID proof of the object. Today, his entire family's withering face has blossomed and is happy, and is working as a mentor in the Slum Federation

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