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Gender Equality Details

Gender Equality

Ending social discrimination through legal and constitutional options: DVAS engages in fact finding probes to create a discourse for justice on incidences of violence against and girls and to provide legal aid.  Other key activities as counseling services, para legal training, orientation to establish safety and dignity of women are also carried out. The organization has successfully counseled and amicably resolved more than 1050 cases of domestic violence.

Promotion and Establishment of Rights of Girl Child: DVAS since its inception has been running sensitization campaigns on the issue of child marriage, girl education and child labor in coordination with the organizational policy on child rights and child protection. It is promoting child rights and child participation in the educational process through capacity building of Children's Parliament in more than 200 schools in its intervention area. It has also been instrumental in promoting awareness on girl child rights among the community, children and other stakeholders to ensure coordinated action for establishing child rights and child protection

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