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Sustainable Livelihood Promotion Details

Sustainable Livelihood Promotion

One of the major working aspects of DVAS has been towards strengthening the livelihood options of the marginalized community to break the vicious cycle of poverty. The organization is working on two fronts to achieve this objectivity.

a) Linkage and Convergence with Government Livelihood Programmes: The organization is sensitizing the target community on various rural livelihood schemes funded by State and National Government for the economic upliftment of poor and marginalized communities. In the last three years the organization has been successful in ensuring more than 32000 person days of work under MGNREGA to reduce the loss of livelihood of marginalized and weaker section communities during the lean season. In addition to this initiative, around 2850 women from tola level established community organization have been linked under the finance schemes.

b) Enterprise development and small business activities promoted by the organization and livelihood restoration and strengthening of food security to about 4820 persons.

To ensure sustainable livelihood and food security to the marginalized community of Bihar, advanced agricultural farming is being promoted in collaboration with Pusa Agricultural University so that people can do organic farming, group based ragi cultivation is being done to ensure livelihood, Apart from this, the group is cultivating vegetables organically, tomatoes, cauliflower, beetroot, spinach etc. are being cultivated to supplement the domestic income. Due to which employment is being provided, people are empowered and debt-free families are able to earn a living. Positive action being taken. In addition, as part of our livelihood-revitalization efforts, we have provided kitchen garden and seed support to 1000 organization cadres at the local level. Positive initiative has been taken by these cadres to ensure livelihood by cultivating cauliflower vegetable.

c) Promoting Livelihood and vocational Training: Livelihood promotion has been one of the areas for facilitating economic strengthening of the marginalized groups for the organization. The organization has been facilitator in Promoting Micro Livelihood activities and vocational training to young girls on stitching, embroidery and computer training with focus on girls from minority community to enhance their skills of economic value to make them self-reliant and live a life with confidence and pride.

d)Agricultural Development and on farm enterprise promotion:Agriculture is one of the key spheres for augmenting the household income in rural areas and to ensure food security for all. The organization has been working on the issue as promoting improved techniques and practices to ensure better management and promotion of small and marginal farmers. The organization has been creating awareness on non-chemical farming and to address the issues as arresting land degradation through use of vermin composting in place of chemical fertilizer based  agriculture among the farming communities.

e) Skill up gradation: DVAS strongly beliefs in promoting skills having market value to promote self-employment and self-reliance. In collaboration with Bihar Education Project Council under Hunar Phase -2, the organization provided vocational training among 7500 adolescent girls and supported them in self-employment in Gaya district.

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