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Health And Nutrition Details

Health And Nutrition

The organization is primarily working on the health, nutrition and safety aspect and provides health and nutrition services to children, adolescent girls and women and the larger community. The organization has focused on health provisions, maternal and child health, physical and mental changes of adolescent, physical and mental development of children, safe menstruation as key intervention points on the theme of health. Efforts have been made to sensitize and create awareness among women, children and adolescent girls of marginalized communities on issues such as unsafe sex, malnutrition.

Apart from this the organization is actively supporting the marginalized community to benefits with health schemes and campaigns run by the state and national government viz Tuberculosis, anemia especially among women , Pre and post natal care and night blindness a few to name.

To promote health and mental wellbeing of children the organization has identified 1200children in its working area and has been providing milk ,fruits and other edible supplement to check the incidences of malnutrition along with pre-school education to ensure their physical and cognitive development towards a better future.

DVAS has been actively engaged with Rashtriya Poshan Mah campaign supported by ministry of Women and child. In this campaign DVAS in collaboration with UNICEF worked to spread awareness among rural population through Nukkad Natak , Meetings, Orientation etc with Schools, Community , women , children and institutions covering over 25000 population.  

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