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Inclusive and Quality Education Details

Inclusive and Quality Education

The safety and security of the girl child during the educational process is at greater risk if she belongs to a marginalized and other weaker section community as the state of Bihar is known for its caste and class linked society and caste-based discrimination. Discrimination against the marginalized child begins with a process of socialization exclusion of which the educational process is an integral part. The organization has facilitated the formation and strengthening of adolescent groups in its intervention area to create a conscious mandate on the issues of safe and secure education for girls. In addition, the organization has been involving women's groups and youth in discussions and dialogues on girls' safety and educational issues in its meetings. The organization has oriented a large number of School Education Committee members on aspects such as gender inequality, discrimination, safety and security with girls and their representation in the schools of their intervention.

Some of the key aspects taken up by the organization for the underprivileged children are as follows:

Recognizing the need to put social inclusion into practice and designed a series of interventions that engage with marginalized children and drive an inclusive model to promote equity and inclusion in education across Bihar schools Is.

DVAS is operating an inclusive education model in 100 government primary schools in Gaya and Samastipur districts of Bihar to promote inclusive education practices/programs at the school and community level. The design aims to develop a capacity building module for village volunteers that could be scaled up and replicate inclusive learning processes.


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