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Social Inclusion Details

Social Inclusion

The organization believes in formation and nurturing of community based organizations coupled with enhancement of micro – macro linkage and advocacy to be the key strategy for inclusion.

In pursuit of inclusive developmental process the organization believes in promoting village, block and district level Community based organizations (Ambedkar Gram Samiti, Block & district level Youths and Ambedkar forums, Stakeholder Groups etc) to advocate and support inclusion of marginalized and excluded  communities. DVAS also support thematic collaboration and linkages with other like-minded organization and institutions to address issue related with exclusion and discrimination of marginalized communities and individuals and to promote their participation, access and decisions in social process and settings.

The organization is continuously striving towards upholding dignity of other marginalized groups as women children and more as LGBTQ+ communities who have been denied of their rights and forced into deprivation since ages.


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